The law governing patents and patenting is complex and changes often. The relationship of patents and other intellectual property assets to business strategy has evolved rapidly in the last decade or so.   The costs involved in securing intellectual property  assets are difficult to predict.   As an intangible business asset, patents and other intellectual property  assets can be difficult to manage.

Nevertheless, patents are one of the best ways to protect new products and processes.  The right patent can be worth millions of dollars to its owner.  And patenting is an essential business activity for today’s technology companies.

As a patent law firm we have been serving Silicon Valley clients for over 14 years: individuals, small businesses and start-ups, even companies in the Fortune 500 and major universities. I am grateful for the trust my clients have placed in me.  The focus of my practice is helping creative individuals and companies dedicated to innovation to secure patents and other intellectual property  assets that help them to achieve their business objectives.

When we begin our work together, we make sure that my clients have the knowledge they need to fully understand the process and to make the best choices throughout the process.

Our patent law firm works closely with clients to understand their business goals, designing a targeted patent strategy to maximize the likelihood that the clients will obtain patent coverage that supports and advances their business goals.  When we clearly understand the client’s goals, the client and I form a partnership dedicated to preparing quality patent applications having claims of varying scope that are calculated to support and enhance the client’s business goals.   When the application is ready, we file – on time and on budget.

As an application proceeds though examination, it is always my aim to secure allowance of quality claims best-suited to the client’s goals.

In addition to patents, we also provide counsel to patent clients on other intellectual property  matters:  trademarks, copyright and trade secrets.