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Law Office Of Christopher Peil

“Christopher Peil Law has been an exceptionally helpful to me in developing both US domestic and international patents. I have a small high-tech business and I am also a serial inventor with very technical material to patent. I have worked with Christopher Peil Law for over half a decade. Christopher has worked with me to allow me to write my own highly mathematical ad physics-based patents, but with the needed legal overview of experienced counsel. This legal overview has included both the details of writing the patents, the strategy of maintaining a patent portfolio and the deciphering of patent office reviews. Christopher is very accessible for questions. His rates are competitive and reasonable. His advice has proven accurate and insightful. He is flexible in his approach and can help write most of the patent or he can stay at arms-length to allow topic experts to write most of the patent as he weighs in on legal concerns. In short, if you are looking for a smaller legal firm that caters exceptionally well to startups and individual inventors then Christopher Peil Law is likely to be just what you need and you should give them a call.”Leo D.

“In a dynamic and complex business world sooner or later you need to call on a strong, sharp and capable attorney. Law office of Christopher Peil is one to bank upon. We recommend engaging and retaining Chris Peil, if you need a sharp, capable and thoughtful attorney on your side of the table.”Sam S.

“Chris’ extensive knowledge pertaining to the current market and laws are a clear indicator of his experience. Combine that with the fact that he picks up right away to answer any questions makes him the obvious choice for IP solutions.”Julian A.

“The Law Offices of Christopher Peil have served me and SoLaTiDo Inc. very well for over four years and six successful patents. Not only am I impressed with their knowledge and professionalism, but I’m particularly taken by Chris Peil’s ability to communicate directly with the Patent Office’s examiners, to find out the details of any objections and find a way forward to issuance of a patent.”Tom S.

“It has been my pleasure to have engaged Christopher Peil Law for my patent and IP legal needs. In 2011 I began inventing things and quickly realized I needed a patent attorney. Chris and I met and after only a few minutes I knew he was a competent, strategic fit for all of my IP needs.

After patents were submitted, the patent office had numerous objections that, without competent counsel, would have probably resulted in rejections. Chris has always been able to rebut those objections and he has overcome enough of them to where the USPTO issued my first two patents, with more on the way.

If you have IP legal needs, I feel certain that Chris can more than competently address them.”A Satisfied Client