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In the 21st-century global business environment, a clear intellectual property (IP) strategy is a business necessity. Intellectual property law is more important than ever before, yet IP budgets are shrinking and an “anti-patent” legal climate is emerging that multiplies the challenges of securing IP rights. Intellectual property attorneys have become indispensable adjuncts to companies’ executive teams.

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As a dedicated patent lawyer in San Francisco, I partner with technology clients to understand their businesses; to capture the innovations central to their business goals; and to translate them to protected IP assets.


Providing protection for your Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade secrets. Working as an IP lawyer in San Francisco and the surrounding areas for the last 14 years, I have been helping Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area businesses to profit from their innovations. In the time I have been practicing, traditional defensive IP strategies have begun to give way to novel and collaborative business models in which a company’s IP assets are recognized as important business tools that provide a foundation for corporate strategy.

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Technological Patents Attorney Santa Clara

If you are in need of a professional technological patents firm that is willing to fight for the toughest legal cases in the Santa Clara area, we at Peil Law offer the most effective, aggressive legal services. With 14 years of business, our team at Peil Law knows how to get you the legal justice you deserve.

Peil Law provides trustworthy counsel to our clients in the Santa Clara area. Every technological patents case is a complex process, but with Peil Law you will get a complete understanding and explanation every step of the way. Do not go through your technological patents case alone.

Trust our technological patents professionals at Peil Law to help you determine your best move going forward. We have had cases throughout our 14 years of experience that have shown us how to improve our practice, and we want to bring this expertise to clients like you in the Santa Clara area. Work with us at Peil Law to help improve your chances of success.

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With so many advantages to having Peil Law's on your side, there is no reason to look for another technological patents law firm in the Santa Clara community. Our level of technological patents legal services is second to none in the Santa Clara community. Call our offices today at (415) 896-4254 for an initial consultation.

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